Did You Know Your iPhone Could Do All of This?

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Did You Know Your iPhone Could Do All of This? 
You may be surprised to find some hidden features and shortcuts with your iPhone. The iPhone’s latest operating system, iOS 4.3, which is available for the iPhone 3GS and AT&T’s iPhone 4, has several of these little-known features. The New York Times recently featured more than a dozen. Here are a few: 

Screen grab: To take a picture of whatever is on your iPhone’s display, tap the home and sleep buttons at the same time. The screenshot will be saved and available in your camera roll library. 

Voice control: In a rush and need to know what time it is? You can program your phone so that by your voice prompt alone (e.g. “What time is it?”), your phone will tell you the time in response. You can also use your voice control setting to get your phone to dial a precise number or tell it to connect you with people or places already in your address book (e.g. “Dial the Office”). You can even use it to control music (e.g. “Play music”) or even get it to play a certain song, all by your voice. 

Save images from the Web: You may be looking at Web pages in Safari and want to save a photo you see. To save it, tap and then hold any image, which will then bring up buttons that allow you to save the image to your camera library or copy it to your clipboard. 

Search shortcut: With the first home screen open, swipe your finger to the right across the screen. A search window will appear, which you can use to bring up your contacts, apps, e-mails, calendar appointments, and media all via keyword search. You can also use it to quickly search Google or Wikipedia. (Those are the final two options given on each search result, in case you want to open up your search to Google or Wikipedia and not just limit it to what’s on your phone.) 

Give it a shake: Easily undo or erase what you just did. Shake the iPhone while you’re typing brings up the option to undo it. 

Quick access to voice prompts: Hold the home button down while the phone is locked. A “Voice Control” option will appear. It’s a shortcut to make phone calls or use FaceTime–iPhone’s video call feature–or quickly use any of the iPhone’s other voice commands. 

Learn more tricks to your iPhone. 

Source: “Tips to Take Your iPhone to the Next Level,” The New York Times (April 28, 2011)

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